Clean and Replace Your Blackberry Parts

First off you’ll want to make sure you have the right tools for this job.  Ive seen people use credit cards or screwdrivers and destroy there phone in the process.  The tools needed are cheap and easy to use.

Next you’ll want to remove the Chrome Ring.  To do this use the tool to pry the Chrome Ring towards you from the top.

Next Remove the Trackball.  Once the Chrome Ring has been removed, pick up the Blackberry gently and slap it agains your hand.  The Trackball will fall out into your hand.

Now that you have the Trackball out there is a big variety of colors to choose from here are a few examples:

Also there is a big variety of Trackball Rings as well:

All these accessories and more I found at check them out! It was the cheapest prices I could find.


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