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Holiday Blackberry Parts!

December 3, 2009

Its that time of year again! Accessories for your Blackberry to go with the season! Enjoy!


If you want to know how to install these I have a blog that shows you step by step.

I found these all at


Clean and Replace Your Blackberry Parts

December 3, 2009

First off you’ll want to make sure you have the right tools for this job.  Ive seen people use credit cards or screwdrivers and destroy there phone in the process.  The tools needed are cheap and easy to use.

Next you’ll want to remove the Chrome Ring.  To do this use the tool to pry the Chrome Ring towards you from the top.

Next Remove the Trackball.  Once the Chrome Ring has been removed, pick up the Blackberry gently and slap it agains your hand.  The Trackball will fall out into your hand.

Now that you have the Trackball out there is a big variety of colors to choose from here are a few examples:

Also there is a big variety of Trackball Rings as well:

All these accessories and more I found at check them out! It was the cheapest prices I could find.

Blackberry Bold 9000 Repair Guide

December 2, 2009

Step 1: Make sure you have all the proper tools needed first.

Step 2:  The back of your Blackberry Bold is the battery door that needs to be removed first.

Step 3:  Push the battery door lock to release battery cover.

Step 4:  Take out the battery and remove the six Torx T4 screws around the edges of your Blackberry Bold.

Step 5:  Use the plastic opening tool to pry up the black plastic frame as shown in image.

Step 6: Lift up the frame and set it aside.

Step 7:  Use the plastic opening tool to pry up the Blackberry Bold logic board and release it from the frontplate.

The usb port and headphone jack will keep the logic board from coming loose from the front plate. Carefully move the logic board left and right as you try to pull it upward.

Step 8:  Release the logic board from the front plate and set it aside.

Step 9: These are  the components you have disassembled so far.

Step 10: Carefully slide the plastic opening tool under the screen and pry the Blackberry Bold Screen loose from the logic board.

Step 11:  Slide the tool over the other side of the screen. Work with patience to avoid bending the screen. 

When releasing the small screen connector on the other side of the board, be sure to keep flex cable from tearing. Be sure to work slowly, the paperthin material tears easily. 

Step 12: Pry up the metal casing holding the blackberry bold trackball in place.

Step 13:  Flip the metal casing upward to expose the trackball and lift the Trackball out of the enclosure and set it aside. 

Step 14:  The last step is to remove the keypad from the front plate.  Pry under the keypad to release from the frontplate.

Now that you have  fully disassembled your Blackberry Bold its time to customize it!!! Check out for everything you need and more to repair, replace, and customize your Blackberry Bold :]