How To Disassemble Your Blackbarry Curve

Step 1: Be sure that you have the proper tools for this process

Step 2: Begin by removing the battery door.

Step 3: Remove the two Torx T4 screws at the top and the T5 screw under the flash. One of the T4 screws is hidden under a white rectangular warranty seal.

Step 4: Pry off the antenna cover at the bottom using the safe open tool.

Step 5: This is what it looks like with the antenna cover removed.

Step 6: Turn the device on its back and slide the safe open tool around the front plate. Gently pry to release the front plate from the glue between frontplate and the frame.

Step 7: Slide the tool around to the top, at this point you should be able to lift off the front plate

Step 8: Remove the Torx T5 screws at the bottom of the screen and the bottom of the keyboard. Lift the Logic board off the frame.

Step 9: Use the safe open tool to remove the screen from the logic board. Be careful since the screen can crack if you apply too much force. Pry gently in all corners.

Step 10: Release the pressure fit connector of the screen ribbon cable, using the flathead screwdriver.

Step 11: Now lift the screen off the logic board, you have fully disassembled your blackberry curve, for reassembly follow the steps in reverse order.

For all the replacement parts you would need check out they had everything and more that I needed for my Blackberry.


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